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Set the Unemployed Free

This is for those who are searching but haven’t yet found. Tomorrow is going to be a good day, they strengthen themselves. Thank heavens somebody found brilliance in today, they silently pray.

If you’re a cold-hearted insensitive bustard, bloody lucifer this aint for you.

And before I go too far, my hands were practising free-writing and my fingers were on steroids when I wrote this – TboTouch owes me a horn*. So you might not like the way my liberated brain outwardly expressed itself.

In the mix of everything don’t mistake slurs for sarcasm or visa versa.

Looking for work is (raise your glass of approval) a draining, impoverishing son of a street kid. She is raised by begging, monitored by fellows and crushed by ‘friends’. She is always on the run, trying to be at the right place, the right time, making connections with the right people. But oh what an unlucky hustler, she is more often than not, uhmm not the right candidate—bloody unsuccessful. ‘Unfortunately’ her emails read.

If you’ve never had to look for work, bless you. If you’re looking for work, bless you. And if you don’t let people know of companies that are hiring, bless you some more.

Being without a job is a bucket load of things. Unemployment is one excruciating affliction better known only to the internal being of the unemployed.

Seeking employment sucks – a devilish scripted melodrama. An unforgettable roller coaster ride from the ‘final destination’ if you know what I mean.

You spend money with hopes of making more in the near future just to impress people who might be put off by the fact that you’ve gone an extra mile.

And sometimes its confusing; others claim that you’re over-qualified whilst others will tell you that they’re looking for someone with more experience. Like?!?

So you can never be certain when looking for work.

Sometimes the weird thing is walking out of that interview feeling like a champion, knowing that you nailed the interview to the wall but still don’t get hired. What’s even worse however is that you don’t even know what you did wrong. But what the heck, maybe interviewers are also like Simon Cowell – just there to fuddle your brain.

Stress is altogether undeniable for employment seekers. Proving to a company that you can do the work that they might not employ you for is one helluva task. Its like trying to explain to your 90 year old grandpa why scrolling down people’s thoughts—which are sometimes plain lies, is so addictive.

And then the convincing. You have to act like you completely love the company and the shit they do. Behave as if nothing will excite you more than working for them – like you don’t have bills to pay and clothes to buy.

After you’ve gone through all of that, they shove you into the rejection corner and go for someone whose less competent, less driven and less capable of doing the job but speaks better English. And they leave you asking yourself the necessity of the interview process.

After a while of wasting money attending interviews, attempting to look your best and speaking the queens language like its your second nature, you’re still not hired.

You need a break because fuck this job hunting shit—its draining. To an extent, it is demoralising, demotivating and depressing.

And in the midst of all the ‘de’ noted words, there are employers. Geezus! Some are ruthless, some are kind others are two-faced and the rest tweet rubbish.

So can we just take a minute and set the unemployed free. Stop looking at them with pity. Stop calling them lazy. Stop wanting them to buy you shit. Stop bragging to them about your shits. Stop telling them they can do it for themselves because you also once had a shitty job. Just stop it. Stop being shit.

Start creating more opportunities. Start grooming entrepreneurs while they are still young. Start supporting SME’s. Start teaching young ones financial management. Start supporting and uplifting your fellow compatriots. Start giving youngsters more than just motivational talks. Start giving people relevant and useful information. Start something.

Being unemployed is difficult. It lowers one’s self esteem. It makes one wonder what is it that they do not have or if they have chosen the right path.

So please, let’s give the unemployed a break-through other than a breaking point.

One more thing, let’s stop judging people who are doing jobs that seem petty to us because nobody knows anybody’s journey.

Thank you

*a horn is a noise that TboTouch ‒  a very energetic drive time radio jock from one of South Africa’s prominent radio stations makes for his listeners who are on ‘steroids’ (as he usually puts it) as a ‘thumps-up’ acknowledgement.


June 16 2013

The dj’s desks were ready and armed in the company of the biggest, loudest speakers on the market.

Nicely ironed school uniforms crisply hung outside wardrobe doors in anticipation to be worn.

It was not just a long weekend, it was both father’s and youth day.

Drinks had been bought on Friday afternoon and they were enough to keep you hang-overed for the rest of your life.

There were celebrations everywhere. Even an amateur dj had a gig.

The theme as proposed by people unknown to us; “working together for youth development and a drug free South Africa”. It meant nothing, we are educated, unemployed and drugs are our only sense of freedom.

I rose to the most annoyingly loud sound of a house or was it a kwaito track? Never mind. And then it hit me; this is a public holiday and sadly, that is all it will ever be to some.

It is a Sunday and a very special one at that, so hold the thought of an early morning church service. My compatriots need to defeat the hang-over accumulated on the early hours of this morning with a tender, delicious braaied meat. This will be followed by an ice cold cider or should it be a steaming hot tot?

A hang-over murdering breakfast was followed by a visionless loiter around the neighborhood until the time for the important qualifying soccer match came.

They sat in front of a 54 cm television screen, every one looked tidy in their black and white uniform. They didn’t know the significance of their outfit but it felt appropriate.

Have you ever been in Hillbrow and witnessed Nigerian brothers having a conversation in their native language? Well, the noise in this house was nothing compared to that. There was bickering, swearing and at one time I swore the television set was seeing its last minute.

When Bafana Bafana scored a magnificent own goal, that was the end of it. This sorrow needed to be shed, fast. Beers were out of the refrigerator, into hands right into the blood stream.

The speakers showed us what they were made of. The noise level tripled the one my ears were settling to. This was like a shebeen on a pay day evening. For a mere conversation, the voice needed to reach the highest frequency possible.

Vuvuzela’s had been abandoned and lifeless. Beer was now doing the talking. Secrets were revealed.

My compatriots are young and to them, this is a celebration, a joyful noise that means freedom.

In 1976, it was a different story. A tale that means little today to those who enjoy the fruits of its outcome.

Learners took it upon themselves and marched with the purpose of breaking oppression boundaries. This became a battle which saw some of them take their last breath.

In pursuit of equality, recognition and freedom, innocent young souls became victims of tear gas and rubber bullets. In 1976, youngsters traveled a journey to youth emancipation.

Today we celebrate, in whichever way that suits our mood a freedom that took away lives.

After 37 years, the wrath, has little if any meaning at all. We could be lost, we could be lacking knowledge, we could be clueless but we’re lucky because in a non impressive way, we portray freedom. The human in our young mind has forgotten, as people are prone to, the minor things we take for granted were achieved through the shedding of blood.

Today we are emancipated from the chains that held the 1976 youth but we too face boundaries which shrink our magnitude. We however attempt to break these boundaries single handedly in a thousand different directions.

June 16 2013, maybe you could have done it more differently and maybe you did achieved the best results and maybe you spend it commemorating the day your father walked out of your life and never came back, maybe even that thought was difficult to trace for you were just an embryo when he left. No matter your form of expressing appreciation and way of commemorating, I hope you had a fruitful youth and father’s day.

When Life Happens, Tears Start Falling!

I want to learn to be adequate with what I have and accept what the universe chooses not to give me. I want to look in the mirror and be content with what I see. I am not all round selfish but the feeling is manifested deep within me, like any other human being.

Life is a challenge that seems to take you upon when you least expect it. It is a battle that takes you to war when you’re least armed for it. This is life as I have witnessed it. It only lives to see how thick your skin really is. The thicker your skin, the better opponent you are for life, so better prepare for the battles which you will engage in when you’re least aware.

I feel void, that’s the thing about me at this stage. My dreams, hopes and goals seem distant and farfetched. When I have to put a smile on my face, my eyes fill with tears instead. I have tried as many endeavours (been a victim of many scams as well) as I can to help matters but it keeps on getting worse.

I do not have insomnia; I do enjoy a goodnight rest. However, restlessness has been a guest in my emptiness; I cannot go a day without worrying about the situation that I circumstantially drown in. If I knew what to do, I would have done it. Suicide does the rounds in my head every time I have a conversation with myself.

I discourage low self-esteem and not believing in one’s self. I want to see people feel and touch prosperity, whether I know them or not. I want to see joy and laughter deeply manifested in the lives of people. Even though life diminishes within me each day, some people look at me in envy because they have not a clue the battle rousing in me.

Got a call, “your interview was successful” I should be glad, you would think. I’m in tears; my heart’s feeling like it just sank in a pool of cooking oil which brings it more clogging. I do not want this job; it is not what I want. Why did I go? I have a cum laude degree accompanied by a dean’s list award lying on my cupboard. I’m a statistic of unemployment. I have no income whatsoever. The only thing I endure is the pins of financial meltdown that distresses my head and starves my bank account.

So I took to an interview for a job I am not glad off, a job I knew I would hate doing from the minute I sat for the interview which I had involuntarily arrive 45min late for. I do not want to be a call centre agent; it dawned on me as I waited to be interviewed. It is not a bad occupation at all. It is something that I know I DO NOT want or intend to do. I also do not have an income so I do not have a choice. At this stage I only have one requisite; a smile had better instil itself within me about this job so that I can have it beaming on my lips to fake to the world the happiness I know I don’t have.

This is life happening to me, serving a plate I did not order. This not only makes me angry but it induces tears stored within. You know why tears fall when life starts to happen? Because all your hopes and dreams are washed away before your sight and the only thing that’s left within you are your tears. They are in abundance and uncontrollable. That is the pureness of life.

We somehow have a magnitude of “continue living”, life brings out all its best lashes but we never back down. We human beings, we always hope things will be better even through our deepest darkest miseries. I cannot deny; life is a gangster of complication that lives to only serve you misfortunes, shortcomings and maybe sometimes a bit of joy.