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To the “Handicapped” and the Chronic Illness Enduring

I cannot make your pain disappear; I do not possess the proficiency of transforming your handicaps into capabilities. If I were supernatural, I would make it my priority. I could pray about it and I do, just be cautioned: the human element in me sometimes receive no answers to prayers. However, I too feel the repugnance towards your situation that you sometimes find yourself drowning in. The agony of being deprived something you could have been easily given is reaping me apart along with you. The facial terminology’s of shame, pity and fear that the “normal” humans express towards you when they look into you, distresses my mind.
I cannot not comprehend your situation the way you do but I do have a way of apprehending it. And it saddens me sometimes that to decrease its intensity, anguish is not reciprocal. The pain, the trials, the tribulations, the deep despair, the hope, the tears, the laughs, the agony, the joy, the darkest hour, the frustrations, the anguish, the turbulence, the sorrow, the accomplishes. I want to share all these emotions along with you every day. I promise you no healing or the disappearance of your biggest challenge; I however do promise you my existence along by your side. I grant you the permission to cry on my tiny, bony shoulders.
My heart, with its fragile clogged arteries and veins, endures the pain that you experience every day. Find it in your own heart to forgive the people who make you feel inferior just because they are “normal”. It is not them but the lack of knowledge which resides in them; it clouds their eyes and represents itself in a shameful gown of arrogance. We normal people are scared of your circumstance. Fear is provoked every time we encounter something which is out of the ordinary. We do not know what to do or how to compose ourselves, fear has an overwhelming effect.
Never for a second look down upon you due to challenges you have been given. Do not be shelved or boxed by the “normal” society. Extra-ordinary is extremely fear inducing to those people and that is what YOU are. I wrote this with only sincerity in my heart. The love I have for you can never be put into words. I cannot construct sentences that will allow you to apprehend that with you I share your situation.

With Love