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The Human Kind

If you took time to be realistic about us human beings, you would realise that we are victims of a mute man-made object. We have submissively given it enormous power over our lives. It no longer works to serve our wants but we have been driven by yearning amongst other things into submitting to its luring gates of majesty, declaring ourselves willing victims. In return of giving it undeserved gratitude we surrender ourselves wholeheartedly through partaking in different tiresome avenues which it communally drives us into. It still does not speak. However its actions have turned out to speak volumes in our sometimes speechless rendering encounters. Money has become power. It determines who has the final say. Due to that subconscious submission to money and its power, you would agree with me that we are victims of money. We are driven into willing slavery by money. We are slaves of money and slaves in money. We scheme, all schemes pertaining to making more money, yielding more money for the advantage of not only our image but our leisure as well. We engage in these schemes for the ultimate power we desire which is experienced only through the possession of money.

money, the root of all things; good and bad.

money, the root of all things; good and bad.

Money in this world we now find ourselves in has the power of anything and everything. Money determines the territory you occupy, the magnitude of your expansion and draws a limit in your altitude. That is the majestic power of money. You can go into a supermarket with a great longing to bring home your most preferred commodity but truth is; only money will categorically determine what is in your shopping bag. Money alone cannot manufacture and or produce anything but without money nothing can be manufactured nor produced. Money is powerful. It speaks with pride and confidence in the exchange process of those who have acquired its core abundance. Money brings back dignity to its keepers. It makes them walk in full operation of pride.

I fail to understand one aspect about the human kind and money, though. There is a struggle process that exists between human kind and the process of giving in monetary value. Before money comes out of the pocket, we engage in this argument with the self. Should I give it? What am I going to gain? You know what, I will give money after that deal has pulled through. Not today, I am in a financial crisis. Will next week still be suitable? While you hope with deep intensity that other person says: no I would be sorted by then, don’t you worry about it. Why is it so difficult to give away a small amount of money from your portion to somebody who needs or claim to need it more than you? Have we reached that stage where greed surpasses humanity? What is the core foundation of this struggle that we face? Is it part of our human nature? These questions amongst others keep surfacing my mind. Do we suffer like this because we feel in us that we have not accumulated enough money worthy of being given or shared amongst one another?

Money has become more than just a current medium of exchange. It has fully taken the role of giving life to the human kind. It brings minor fundamental characteristics of the human kind back to life, like a smile and joy amongst other things. It brings about a feeling of satisfaction and adequacy in ones life. Money brings back self esteem which poverty deteriorated, happiness which hunger took away and beauty which brokeness confiscated. Money is constituted by many phrases, one of them being; the root of all evil. This is because when money settles on our nests, we do not want to see it leave, not by any chance. We would rather kill if we have to but it must never leave our sight. It evokes the greed in us; we NEVER get enough of it, instead we want more of its leisures and pleasures. We can’t help it and we can’t be blamed, for selfishness and greed is engrossed in our wholesomeness.

This is money, the sense to our taste buds and a life to our living. The biggest question is how do we accumulate this majestic power? How do we attract money into our territory? This is the routine: we first have to change our mindset. We human beings have this silly idea that money should have a limit in us; we don’t want the abundance of money because money lures sin into one’s life. We want to afford and we deem that as enough. I am all round greedy when it comes to money; I want to have it in its greatest abundance. I want nothing but tons of money, I want it so much that my needs are less than the money I have accumulated. I have lived, touched and felt the life of poverty and brokenness, that is the most painful and agony enticing lifestyle you can ever endure. The money that I need is the one which will triple the poverty and hunger I have borne. Amongst many leisures, I want money in abundance because it brings into life my desire of always giving. I have an understanding of give and it shall be given unto you that I want to put into exercise and make my daily life statement.

Money, it is the root of all evil and the pleasure to our living. Feel free to accumulate it. Find no shame if you are in possession of money. I have found people engaged in under-paying careers are likely to tell you about passion. Honestly? Passion alone does not pay any bills. It may maintain the drive for what you do but after that you need money to peacefully get along with life. For without money, the human race is in constant argument with life and its challenges. Money makes living a lesser of a stepping stone, it gives you privileges without much labour on your behalf. However, you work for money. You scheme, you strategise but most importantly you execute your schemes and strategies. Sitting arms fold only happens after scheming, strategising and executing has fruitioned.