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RIP Robin Williams

I have thought about death more than once. It could be lingering in my subconscious as you read but you’re allowed to overlook that because such thoughts are sinister encounters experienced by those who fail miserable to face life head on.

Depression is a serious issue and its a pity that our society sees it as ‘state of mind’ for the weakly.

I may have not known what Robin really battled with but I’m saddened that he couldn’t overcome it.

I can’t imagine the dark pit hole he found himself drowning in after a ‘magnificent’ day of making nations laugh.

The worst part about depression is that the sufferer tries so many times to internally and personally deal with it before the rest of the world takes notice. Sometimes people remain quiet because the stigma associated with the condition is so enormous you’ll only feel it once you personally suffer from depression.

I respect that through all your silent and spoken battles, you were still able to make others laugh.

Rest in everlasting peace Robin Williams and I pray that your loved ones have enough strength not to question your decision but love you always.


Father’s Day and South Africa

Children are angry, women are heartbroken and fathers are still on the run. This is the grievous reality of many South Africans. Nevertheless, it does not take away from the order of the day.

Its Father’s day in South Africa today, so a very happy and blessed father’s day to all fathers even those outside South Africa.

South Africa is going through change and many will wonder why things have changed for the worst but the answer will not be of public knowledge but rather an introspection for every citizen to look at what their role has been.

One thing I know for a fact is that a sour attitude towards each other and continuous acts of encroachment is what will always stand against our unity and fruition.


#endfathersday trends

Be it a hoax or the truth for some, I still don’t get why wrath of this magnitude can have an effect so great it tops our ‘trends map’ a day before father’s day. Maybe I’ve drastically failed to understand the pain but I do however feel the rage and I’ve also seen the harm it can do.

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame, Benjamin Franklin once said.

And the question I’m asking is, how long will we allow wrath and anguish to shame our future?

Allow me to be completely honest; if this was two years ago, I would have seen nothing wrong with the hashtag and the reason for this post would have been unnecessary because then, my father was according to my perception nothing worthy of honour, appreciation or celebration.

He was just a man who met my beloved mother and decided to give her a baby while he went on with his daily adventures and pretending to like the idea of my existence. Before my eyes, the only person he gave special attention to was none but himself.

However, this is a new year and this year is a special year. I want to for the first time with honour, compassion and appreciation wish my father a blissful and blessed father’s day filled with lots of food, jokes and maskandi music – some of the things my father would rather be caught dead than live without besides his family of course.

With wishing you a grand father’s day, I also want to tell you that I’ve forgiven all those years you spent working instead of being with me; reading me a bedtime story, teaching me how to escape washing the dishes, defending me against mom’s scoulding or maybe telling me my awfully crayon coloured drawings are pretty.

Today is about you and your role in my life which you took upon even though you were not 100 percent ready but took part and did what you could. I will not crucify you for things you were not able to do but I will always remember the things you managed to do.

Happy father’s day daddy dearest and I really do think you’re a great dad and an exceptional father even though there is room for improvement like there is room for me to be a better daughter.


Anger Reservoirs and Bad Business

Bad business is when angry unsatisfied individuals are in business.

As individuals we need to accept who we are and acknowledge that things will not always go as planned.

Good business is knowing your business and carrying the vision of the business with pure passion, love and less to no anger.

As human beings, love and abundance was bestowed within us. Although we are heedless sometimes, we remain vessels of genuine love.


Why are We Angry?

In a straight forward answer, we are angry because we seek things that were stored within our own selves amongst everything but the very self in which the satisfaction we need was accorded to.

Some may argue that anger is sometimes an involuntary response that one is unable to control. Point taken but the important question here is who should possess control over another’s emotions?

Look at it this way…

Not everyone makes it a point each day to do something special for the self. The self, due to other responsibilities that appear more important, is often left longing for appreciation and complete love from its own.

Meaning, we seek the answers, love and appreciation in everyone and everything but ourselves. We have time for everyone but ourselves. We are compassionate and care but not for ourselves. In the equation of life, we have forgotten our own voice, our own positive emotions and our very own happiness. We have become victims of continuous dissatisfaction.

Crucial point…

Anger or any other antagonistic emotion expressed towards the other is bad for the self but it is terrible for business. It could be any form of business. Don’t be angry and in business, it is not a fruitful combination.

The work place (especially) is or should be a civil institution where antagonism or negative energy of any kind is forbidden for it does not grow or maintain the vision of the business.

I say this because I’m tired of meeting angry, continuously complaining unsatisfied business individuals.

Here’s what I’ve figured…

Some jealousy rooted lack that can make us anger reservoirs and bad for business;

***People we undermined have succeeded beyond our expectations.

***We have never loved at all.

***We have loved but lost and don’t understand why or how.

***We feel threatened and violated.

***We can’t express how we feel.

***We are haunted by the past.

***We believed in things that led us not to the promised destiny.

***Nobody is willing to listen or and understand.

***Fear and doubt clouds who we really are.

***We are in battle with the spirit.

***We seek self identity in wrong platforms.

***The people who were meant to love us, deceived and hurt us.

***Who we are is shadowed by fear of being victims of the past.

***We are misunderstood.

***We do not fully trust our own judgement.

***We do not understand.

***We are misinformed.

***We have focused on things that have gone wrong.

***We’re taking each day as a battle of proving a point to everyone else but ourselves.

***We have not allowed ourselves to completely love who/what we are.

Love may have not healed the world, yet. But anger can always be diminished by completely allowing love to shine brighter than the darkness of anger.

Always remember; anger overshadows the absolute flourishing of the business.

Helpful article: anger management

A Philanthropist’s Dream in an Angry World.


Love and anger – the two feelings which embody what we are, they reveal what is deeply stored within us. These feelings are the main trigger of our actions, the same actions which hold together the POWER to determine our future, the MIGHT to dictate where we lend up. Love and anger – they hold us firmly together or leave us severely divided. We need to choose at all times, an appropriate feeling for the encounter at hand. We cannot deny the effectiveness of the past roaming within our presence- the feelings it arouses. We however need a reformatory for our psychology,to free the mind which is locked behind steel misapprehension bars. We must engage in a battle to free ourselves for the sake of our kids. We have to do away with the noose which till this day serves the vision of the oppressor. This is the same snare which bounded our fore fathers from dominion. For the corrosion we know the trap to cause, we are entitled to journey so to be the last generation to withstand its whiplashes.


The command of inferiority which was instilled in our intelligence is still in operation to date. The abase through skin colour is still effective. Now the question is how do we emancipate from the ideas of the past that rendered our fore parents inadequate? How do we claim our fortress, reclaim the dignity our grandparents were robbed of? How do we make this forlorn, angry, anguished, survival of the fittest world, a state of peace? How do we generate an unfettered nation from the anger we have inherited? This world is inappropriate for our kids. We have fallen heroes and heroines, they did their best and we are on a slightly longer voyage to that of Mandela’s freedom walk.


I like the heroes of ours, they fought, battled and maybe made some informed decisions, nonetheless, they gave a today which is much better than their yesterday. They granted us privileges they never relished. Privileges to extend our reach to an altitude they never traversed. This privilege is an opportunity to expand our magnitude, to explore our civil-hood. Our focus should be more than improving livelihood. Our kids are dependent on our decisions. Every move we make has the capability to manifest as a source of strength to their challenges. We have the power to choose the benefits they delight in. Our decisions are more than our own – their ability like that of our forefathers can cross centuries.

love is oneness

love is oneness

I am not a specialist, but I would jump at the opportunity to prescribe unity to our scattered souls, strength to our fragile physics and love in replacement for the hate we have embraced. I would grand us a mind-set to neutralise and conquest the ideas of the past that corrode and trap our aptitude into reaching the highest of altitudes. I would strive to find the scientific codes which will enable us to see the facts from the lies in-between. We are not inferior, we are not disqualified but it’s the strength of the past forces that limit who we can become. This is not a struggle of our own – it is a cry from our future generations, a plea to annihilate the anger in us. We are conditioned to better the environments for our generations, it is an obligation we are ought to complete, an avenue to diminution the challenges of our kids, it is however improbable with the sordid we comprise.

Some people expert far more than they can bargain, but I want us to be proud, to look into our past and smile for we see the fruition of our battle, we understand the victory we have granted our kids. It would be a miscarriage on our part if our generations undergo worse degrees of gruesome crime, appalling rape statistics, abhorrent acts of terrorism, overwhelming truth of unemployment – these are challenges we are ought to overcome. We shall grow up,look into our past and rejoice knowing that we have secured a future for our kids. The questions that lie in the atmosphere are abundant. I do not have many approaches either, then again,one cannot complete this battle single handedly. If you cannot make matters of your livelihood favour you, let them at least favour your kids for they do not deserve to suffer from the hostility which history revealed in us.

we are ought to save our kids

we are ought to save our kids


The Future Resides Within us and The Past Remains Historically Unchanged Behind Us.


The past is not the definite definition of who I am. Yes, it has formed part of who I choose to be today, BUT I am not bounded nor restricted by the moments it brought into my historical life.

You know, I had only read about such incidents in magazines and never thought of it as a factual circumstance that I could encounter. I went out on a date a few months ago. Everything was seemingly okay, could have been better. Maybe it’s the arrogance that resides in me, but I would assume that on a first date, all conversation endeavors would lead into knowing the person sitting opposite you a little bit better. Well at least that is what I know I would definitely prefer.

Mr I went on a date with was in all aspects not interested in the person opposite him. Other than attempting to know me and finding a way forward for the both of us. Mr here, in front of me was busy asking me about my ex of whom I had halted our effort in a relationship for almost two years. He kept asking about him and why we had broken up. This really irritated me for my ex was the past which was so not vital that I could abandon global news, the least and rather be fumbling about him on a first date with somebody who wanted to take part in something more precious, my future.

Clearly this gentleman was astounded by occurrences of the past. The way he profoundly yakked about his ex-girlfriend, selecting each word from the best adjectives of the Britannica online, this delicate dish of adjectives was served with hand gestured which would from time to time block the face. This was an interesting face, the kind that is given to toddlers; round chubby chicks, small glowing eyes and thin soft looking lips. That is however not so attractive for a grown up male, my opinion. Mr date was not an interesting male, looking at his pregnancy resembling belly would make you lose interest, that deems me an extremely patient lady.

Looking at him was confusing and interesting at the damn same time but listening to him, well that was just another story. He had a soft, low voice with minor soothing and yet squeaky elements; this is the kind of voice sometimes found in women. My date was so soaked in the past life he might as well have been a resurrected ancestor from the many long dead centuries. I mean even during the drive to the restaurant, he jabbered about the past. When we arrived at the restaurant, maybe it provoked and woken historical memories of him and his beloved ex-girlfriend because that is about the only thing I would hear him say in my resurrections from my own future worries that crowded my head.

If you are immensely absorbed in one’s past, you instill in me the idea to believe that you have not made necessary arrangements of moving forward without a share of that person’s part in you. In my not so scientific perspective, what matters the most is the person in front of you and the future ahead of you. What cannot be changed does not deserve the pleasure of putting to ruin what you can have. History is a part from which we require the ability to extract fundamentals and apply the knowledge in the present encounters. We live in the present; we do not have the luxury to dwell in the past – we must never forget such a fact.


We are created with the ability to adapt to change and the capability to move forward with change (we cannot sleep and wake up to yesterday nor travel back in time). Our thoughts possess such privilege, to travel back in time. Our past is carried by the un-resting programs in our heads. Whether we choose to replay these instances over and over is a choice we make. Our present and future lives should not succumb to the past self. We are liable to take notes of lessons and strategies from the past that have the ability to positively shape who and what we want to be.  I see no need of reminding people of what they use to be if it won’t be a reciprocal falls off chair kind of joke for everyone.


The past can be a daunting nightmare that creeps up to you even in your midday nap. If it consistently and severely crowds your present, that is a clear indication that you need to deal with it. Take my not so interesting date for instance; he was still emotionally attached to his adjectively acclaimed ex-girlfriend. However, he lacked the strength and courage to face the truth. Whether he was scared or ego tripping, I would never know. Live freely as an individual; if something overwhelms you, act upon it especially if its capability ranges so wide that it possesses the ability to ruin your present. We are not the past, we need to face the past and its truth and find a way to move on effortlessly with our present. We are only one thing, the future!