Brand Essentials

First things first we, social media platformists are just as annoyed of the never ending twars in celebville as Mr Nel was of Oscar’s non ending teary outbursts at the witness stand.

Social media platforms are always abuzz with one thing or the other. If its not pure revenge its an internal unspoken but subtweeted rival of some sort. In some cases, its a blurry cellphone captured video that goes viral leaving nothing but speculations behind. Something out of the norm is always brewing on these streets.

With the elections adding to the noise, the past few weeks on South African social media platforms were as busy as a cleaner after a dress up party that turned into a food fight event. Good things were done, terrible things were said and people’s health status were left at our eyes exposure.

As social media spectators, we’ve learnt that while other brands may maintain a reasonable accepted level of integrity others have managed, with their own thumbs, to degenerate a great percentage of their pleasant appeal to the masses.

Brand equity and brand management is always tested on social media and sadly many brands get taken by the whirlwind. [Nonhle Thema we love you].

With the rise of new media, brands have gained an advantage which in the past fifteen years was not available for them. We have seen some good new media adaptations and absolutely awful ways of trying to understand new media that came with volatile consequences to the brand. [I’m not side-eyeing Anthony Weiner].

Therefore it is wise to remember the following essentials throughout the craft or leisure of social media networking for a brand:

>>>> Practice quality. Daily. Whatever you communicate to or with your audience must be of good quality.

>>>> Be creative but also very mindful of the way you use and apply words.

>>>> Use proper language. If you communicate in IsiZulu, certify that you use correct sentence construction and correct words.

>>>> Innovation is key to maintaining social media users. However do not lose the essence and identity of your brand.

>>>> Excellence. Maintain a level of excellence that is in line (or higher) with your brand.

>>>> Your surroundings and atmosphere might influence your mood and thoughts, but learn to focus on what’s important for your brand.

>>>> Update casually, think professionally – be fun whilst maintaining an adequate level of sophistication.

>>>> When confusion, misconception and circumstances cloud your brand from flourishing, go back to the drawing board and rediscover the identity of your brand.

>>>> Maintain an exceptional level of professionalism. Stay away from twars!

>>>> Social media is a function for marketing. Utilise it for awareness, revenue or more users not revenge.

>>>> Don’t you ever undermine the intelligence of your audience. Know that you’re dealing with smart and social media savvy consumers.

>>>> Commit to learning. Be it your consumers, your colleagues or humility at large, just learn in order to do better the next day.

>>>> Be vigilant, social media is not as predictable as the weather because its people and people are not easily predictable. Always keep your eyes open.

>>>> Whatever you choose to do never forget that brand integrity can be volatile.

Brand equity is everything a brand has which is why it is important that a brand chooses wisely conversations to dive into in the social media networking world.

And lastly, in your ventures of providing a brand that is of great value to the people it services, remember the words of the late Maya Angelou; people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Move people with your brand!


If Silence is Golden…

Sakhile WriteousSTP Shabalala

Sakhile WriteousSTP Shabalala

If silence is golden than King Midas must have touched it.
So silence the Blackman by putting the gold where his mouth is.

The first couple is homeless, I assume they stayed in one of the many houses.
New fresh family feeling astounded.
Melodius connections like Bra Hugh Masekela blowing his sax, or is it a trumpet?

They loved kids, so the honeymoon got them started, WAIT!
He parted ways wit his 3rd wife, five kids even angels thought Justin was to be his last kid.

Her tongue slithers around with a sound, ‘his’. While his tongue slithers with a sound hiss.
As we all know there’s a lot to tell with a sound like hiss…

If the devil is the snake then why have 10 snakes as housepets, if your man is 1, why have him as your husband?

Does western marriage promise one-nnes?
Are we blinded?
Yes…well Stevie Wonders.

And there is no gold in our Blackhands, it slips through our fingers during marriage and divorce.
Then they took ALLGOLD in exchange for your tomato sauce.

We get married and have divorce papers as backup.
That’s like having a packet of Choice condoms in your honeymoon, and guess what?
Men and Women are like remote controllers with bad batteries.
They continue to PLAY even if you press STOP.
It’s messed up, like someone spilling tea on you, right after you dressed up, smart, for your best part.

Modern marriage is no different to seeing a fish’s fins ontop of waters, it’s a Shark.
So the next time you cheat,
Don’t forget to put your dress love, and remind your man to pull his pants up, because things could end rough.
You could end up trying to get rid of spouse as quick as u do your dandruff.

So if marriage was a journey, guess what?
I might as well take da next BUS.

Sakhile da Poet