I am a condiment to Love, Culture, People and Nature packed in bottles of Almost invisible Happiness bearing Joy. I’ve met Pain, Hate, Anguish and Death but I am still a PEACE seasoning to a heart that nearly hung its blood vessels to Sorrows when Solitudes of Self Hate wouldn’t go away. “I AM MY BELOVED AND MY BELOVED IS ME”.



I am a child of the begotten land. A child born to service the people of the land.

I am with pride exalted to call Afrika my only home.

I have only the present and the future to share, even though my capabilities might propel me to run back in time and collect fundamental pieces of the future.

I love life, I’m in love with me and I appreciate YOU.

Together we will fruition.

@devynstella on twitter 😉


30 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Devynstella! Thanks for dropping by and following my blog. You seem very passionate about what you write about and I wish I could write as eloquently as you do 🙂
    Looking forward to the weekend so I can read more of your previous posts.


    • Thank you for your work that draw me into your world, I must say, you have created a beautiful world of words, it really is refreshing. I thank you again for looking into my work, much appreciation. Let love live through live 🙂


  2. It is with pleasure that we meet and I look forward to our days to come. Your heart is filled with so many memories to which now you stand and have become your very own. Blessings of peace and light…


  3. Hi Deynstella, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. I’ve started taking a look through your blog, and love what you have to say.
    I must add, that “ghetto” is nothing but a state of mind, and from what I’ve read on your blog, that state will never encompass you. Love how you express.
    Much Love, Sandy


    • thank you Sandy. this means so much to me. I’m happy to have met you and the thought of the future with such beautiful people excites me. I look forward to grow, learn and love. stay sweet 🙂


  4. I truly appreciate your comment on my About Me. I am excited to read more of your posts having just finished the ‘ghetto’ one. So impressed. J9;)


  5. Thanks for following my blog, Oh, the Places We See. We’ll be posting some of our pictures of beautiful South Africa just as soon as I can get them downloaded! What a lovely country filled with great people. So glad I was able to see your pat of the world.


    • I can’t wait to see the photos. please let me know when you’ve uploaded them. I’m happy that you liked my part of the world. Looking forward to exploring some more with you.


  6. Devynstella
    It’s always nice to be appreciated, so thanks. Your writing is so strong and clear. Well done. BTW: Thanks for visiting AHintOfLight.com


  7. Hi, Your words have a beautiful passion in them. Great to read your posts and thanks for visiting my blog. Regards


  8. DevynStella, thank you so much for the follow that is now proudly adorning my blog. Greatly appreciated and you are most welcome aboard. I like the sentiments of your opening lines and will now look to explore your blog further. Have a joyous week, MM 🍀


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