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20-fit-in; Have You Ever Thought About the Mall?

Not in an OMG I’m going shopping on someone else’s expense and I will take absolute advantage of the 75% sale at ‘forever21’ without of course forgetting the exorbitant cologne with a scent so magical it can win Leonardo an Oscar I’ve been meaning to buy since its inception kind of way.

But in a rather, wait a minute… Who keeps this place clean after I’ve gone home and stopped reminiscing about the movie date night (with the ‘crush’ who proved eligible for parents introduction) that gave me natural rosy cheeks and made me clumsy I was tripping all over the place?

I wasn’t going to ask you this question, I mean I had no business diving deep into how a mall operates because all I want is for it to open 24/7 so that when boredom, sorrow and or money has overwhelmed me and I’ve exhausted all the tourist attractions I can walk into a mall like Chuck Norris walking in a crime scene at any given time of day and window shop without giving a single cent of worry about time.

I had just finished my 1pm-9pm shift, best and worst shift of my life. Walking like I’m the majority shareholder in Bill Gates bank balance. I was glad, happy songs were shuffling themselves in my tongue. She was the mall cleaner that I met in the ladies. A petite, short and squeaked voiced lady with one of those faces that make it difficult to judge ones age. She was overjoyed about something because her willingness for small talk was more than just one of those things extroverts do. As I was tolerating some small talk business I had zero interest in.
Something I’ve been to much of an arrogant little twig to even think about struck me.

Her roster is ten times worse than mine, God touch whichever soul behind its engineering. And her duties include cleaning the lavatories of one of the biggest malls I’ve ever seen in my life. She works from 10pm till 6am (yes security guards do a 6pm-6am but we’re not there) cleaning every single corner of one of the biggest malls in the southern hemisphere, not forgetting the incredibly massive parking lots. Gawd I was appalled, not just by my sheer ignorance but the amount of work involved too.

As I was walking away from her with a slightly dented prowess and happy songs not quite shuffling themselves anymore, I realised that she’s human and has family that she wants to spend time with and a bed she misses bonding with because she is too busy cleaning a place that twigs like me dream of it opened 24/7 even though we know the dreadfulness of cleaning just a house with three rooms when you have people walking up and down and toddlers going in and out.

I thought to myself, so maybe just maybe public places that operate on human bodies should close at a humanly considerate time because let’s face it, who wants to be clocking in at the exact time of singing a lullaby to their little one? Or worse still, who wants to never spend time with their family because when they’re at work, you’re catching up on sleep and when they’re sleeping your slaving your little bum off?

I’m not saying go out of your comfort to feel sorry for the cleaners because it is their job and its what they get paid for (you’re an asshole if this is actually your thought). All I’m saying is let’s practise humanity and FLUSS the damn toilet when we’re done doing our business and let’s together STOP dropping dirt everywhere but the bin. Let’s give cleaners (house keepers, baby sitters and security guards) one less thing to worry about. They too have human flesh and need constant breaks from life (which they don’t get) like all human beings. And one last thing, stop flocking to a mall everytime you don’t know what to do with yourself. It saves money, unnecessary anger and feelings of inadequacy. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


20-fit-in: A Very Happy Valentine’s Day to You

This message is dedicated to those who understand that forever lives but not in every occasion. These individuals understand that bonds break, things change, people grow but the heart’s capacity to love keeps expanding with every occurrence. Therefore their capability to love is not clouded by the occasional deep sadness which can seem eternal and ongoing.

I particularly wrote this post to pass a special message to people special enough to find themselves worthy of unquestionable love. And of course to rebel against those who see no specific need in selectively appreciating the one’s they hold dear to on this very valentine’s day.

Without withholding any love for you, I would like from deep inside my very ability to share love wish you a valentine’s day not short of a happy, beautiful, unapologetic, obsessive, mind-blowing, eyes glowing, smile showing, incredible polite, truly giving, strengthening, heart beating, hope giving, courageous, trustworthy, unconditional love.

I want to remind you that you deserve love because your main constituent is love. Your sole purpose is to love and share love. Hence do celebrate valentine’s day without fear or shame because in doing so, you’re nurturing and growing your heart (and someone else’s) to love more. You’re teaching the heart to be love.

These words are to remind you that love is above everything we’ve ever known. It is the only root that can bear strength and power when the tunnel gets too dark and the journey to destiny seems too long and hard to bare. Yes, along the way some bonds break and its honestly okay to drift apart because some things are long term but not quite forever. Just find new ways and continue to live in love with love for love.

A happy valentine’s day to every heart that beats love, every soul that gives love and every individual that unmistakably knows they are worthy to be loved regardless of their past, circumstance or sin.

Much Love