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20-fit-in: A Very Happy Valentine’s Day to You

This message is dedicated to those who understand that forever lives but not in every occasion. These individuals understand that bonds break, things change, people grow but the heart’s capacity to love keeps expanding with every occurrence. Therefore their capability to love is not clouded by the occasional deep sadness which can seem eternal and ongoing.

I particularly wrote this post to pass a special message to people special enough to find themselves worthy of unquestionable love. And of course to rebel against those who see no specific need in selectively appreciating the one’s they hold dear to on this very valentine’s day.

Without withholding any love for you, I would like from deep inside my very ability to share love wish you a valentine’s day not short of a happy, beautiful, unapologetic, obsessive, mind-blowing, eyes glowing, smile showing, incredible polite, truly giving, strengthening, heart beating, hope giving, courageous, trustworthy, unconditional love.

I want to remind you that you deserve love because your main constituent is love. Your sole purpose is to love and share love. Hence do celebrate valentine’s day without fear or shame because in doing so, you’re nurturing and growing your heart (and someone else’s) to love more. You’re teaching the heart to be love.

These words are to remind you that love is above everything we’ve ever known. It is the only root that can bear strength and power when the tunnel gets too dark and the journey to destiny seems too long and hard to bare. Yes, along the way some bonds break and its honestly okay to drift apart because some things are long term but not quite forever. Just find new ways and continue to live in love with love for love.

A happy valentine’s day to every heart that beats love, every soul that gives love and every individual that unmistakably knows they are worthy to be loved regardless of their past, circumstance or sin.

Much Love