RIP Robin Williams

I have thought about death more than once. It could be lingering in my subconscious as you read but you’re allowed to overlook that because such thoughts are sinister encounters experienced by those who fail miserable to face life head on.

Depression is a serious issue and its a pity that our society sees it as ‘state of mind’ for the weakly.

I may have not known what Robin really battled with but I’m saddened that he couldn’t overcome it.

I can’t imagine the dark pit hole he found himself drowning in after a ‘magnificent’ day of making nations laugh.

The worst part about depression is that the sufferer tries so many times to internally and personally deal with it before the rest of the world takes notice. Sometimes people remain quiet because the stigma associated with the condition is so enormous you’ll only feel it once you personally suffer from depression.

I respect that through all your silent and spoken battles, you were still able to make others laugh.

Rest in everlasting peace Robin Williams and I pray that your loved ones have enough strength not to question your decision but love you always.


3 thoughts on “RIP Robin Williams

  1. Still in mourning myself. While I can understand how he could feel so unworthy, I can’t believe someone so giving and kind, and hysterically funny ever spent a single day depressed. He hid it very well, I can usually spot a depressive, but I never perceived his underlying pain. Maybe it’s because his humor was so different. He didn’t joke about his life, but kept that part very private. I’ve only felt this bad about a celebrity death one other time…when George Carlin died a few years ago. We lost two irreplaceable geniuses and my world is sadder for it.


    • it is extremely saddening. his death hurts me and somehow haunts me because I know very well what depression does and how one struggles to make everything seem okay and under control even though torn apart. may his soul rest in peace.

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      • I find myself deeply affected by his death. Like you said, when you understand where he must have been in his head just makes me want to cry. I’ve never been so affected by the death of any celebrity.

        My he find peace in his next incarnation.


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