Do You Address or Disregard Silent Treatment?

They suggest that ‘sometimes’ silence is possibly the most powerful scream and serves as an indication of something being terribly wrong. I agree and also adduce that silence is sometimes the killer of its bearer.

Shutting your voice does not promise that you will be heard for silent treatment does not always translate the message intended.

As an occasional loud mouth and a typical analyst I’m more likely to observe things that people prefer to keep under their never to be discovered scarred past. And its never easy bringing such matters in the forefront because you are likely to end up a loner by circumstance.

Regardless I still maintain one thing; I don’t do silent protests. When something’s up I will make it crystal clear so there is no room for speculation. This goes hand in hand with mastering the art of speaking your mind and upsetting people in the process.

Silent treatments are monstrous and compelling creatures. My first ‘serious’ experience was as weird as all silent treatments go, I think. And I can also attest to learning absolutely nothing from this encounter.

Hence I recently got served my second serious relish of zero words. The silent was deafening – it exuded stillness of greatest annoyance. That was possibly the whole idea. But to add to my already ongoing series of convolutions, I’m still unclear as to what was meant to happen or perhaps what was I meant to do.

I begged (mind you I’m great at that) pleaded until the doors of the mouth opened and a voice came out – unexpectedly. I was shocked for a moment. And when we started talking again I wasn’t sure whether to apologise some more or continue with life as though all was forgotten.

I’ve however learnt something from the incident; people silent treat you because they are either completely fed up with you or completely do not have the capacity to handle the truth.

I don’t argue with the way each person expresses displeasure but I don’t like guessing if I’m the culprit or you’re just fed up with life – it happens.

So if this gigantic silent monster comes my way in the near future I’m still not yet certain how to handle it or if I should even handle it.

Therefore my question is: how does one handle silent treatment?


4 thoughts on “Do You Address or Disregard Silent Treatment?

  1. Hello! Oooh. The silent treatment. Nice topic! My father is a master. More than thirty years and I still don’t know how to deal with his silent treatment. A few years back I noticed that I practice it as well and it almost ended the best relationship of my life, but thankfully, I spoke up and we worked through it. I’ve since traveled in the other direction to become an outspoken critic. Now, I get my feelings off my chest and I feel better for it, but some people take offense even though none is meant. I’ve just learned that conversations are the root of understanding. Silence is golden, but it doesn’t help us move forward. That’s my little bit. Thanks for creating an interesting topic.


    • you’re welcome Matthew and thank you.

      I’m glad that you’ve learnt to make your voice heard, I believe in speaking out too. Don’t feel bad when people take offence, I’ve seen that people who speak are seen as enemies because some individuals are so used to sugar coating things that the truth frighten’s them.


  2. Silent treatment is about power and its abuse. If offense has been caused by all means apologise but you should not have to beg for forgiveness. Sometimes you just need to walk away.


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