I RESPECT Black People and I Just HATE Their Ways

I was going about my daily routine when I stumbled across this horrific update on my Twitter timeline; I respect black people and I just hate their ways. I couldn’t contain myself and posed a question; is it really possible to HATE and RESPECT someone at the same damn time?

I felt annoyed and the fire spiraling inside me was slowly exceeding the boiling point. I really needed to understand the possible odds of hating somebody but possessing, at the same level, the needed composure that can enable you to respect them.

The question that followed in my mind was; what is a ‘black way’? Which pathways can solely remain the property of the black people? How come these tracks have precisely remained to the black community? What constituents of these ‘ways’ deprive them the might to crossover to other race groups?

I was disturbed and flabbergasted at the same time, bearing in mind that this sentence was the art work of a person from the so called ‘coloured’ nation, a minority tribe in the South African country, which one way or the other, most of its people if not all, have a pure black-African gene in their DNA constituents.

Hate, if my understanding served me the right dish, is a deep or an intense dislike towards an individual, entities objects and so forth. So, how possible is it to deeply dislike the ways of someone whilst giving them your utmost respect (positive feeling of esteem)?

Being the rural, old-fashioned individual that I am, I would like, in all forms of comprehension available, to understand the likelihood of applying and maybe expressing both respect and hate towards a person at the same life, time and context.

I could be ignorant and chances are, I would contest not anybody who can call me that. However, in my own little, almost non existing world, I do not for a millisecond believe that hate and respect can be extended for a person at the same time. I strongly believe that if one hates the things you do, the odds of that person respecting you, if in existence, are highly negligible.

Truth be told: I’ve had it with the non black skinned people and their constant acts of hiding away from the fact that they don’t like the rise and increase of the black nation in their vicinity. Henceforth they are in rival with the world in all aspects and thus feel the need to prove their now endangered superordinate over their black co-equals who are anything but inferior.

I really think we need to be transparent with ourselves, if it happens by any chance, that you’re not fond of black people to a degree so great it bears hate, then just come out with it and immediately after that find a nice little hole where you won’t find a black soul and live in peace with yourself.

Relocating to a location with non-black people can do so much for your life, other than constantly striving to provoke disconsolation and inferiority to the black community which is at this day highly goal orientated and ambition driven.

I think we’ve reached a state where we can accept if you say; ‘I’m non-black and I’m racist’ and or maybe in the name of being subtle admit that you ‘deeply admire and believe in the practices of tribalism’. We will ignore you and move on. After all, we’re tearing down the walls of inferiority that bounded our forefathers. And we also understand that most of you are not hundred percent comfortable with that.

Oh and by the way, in all your practices of avoiding the fact that you’re racist, please spare me the ‘I have black friends’ ridiculous sentence and just admit that you’re racist.


9 thoughts on “I RESPECT Black People and I Just HATE Their Ways

  1. I had to in fact laugh at (only) the last line in relation to hearing it before: “but, I have black friends” b.s. as a white canadian woman, i have heard all that defensive jargon before and have no time for those weightless words.
    I was born in a 2 sided community: Jamaican or Italian. (I am Caucasian remember lol) I NEVER SAW “skin colour” until High School. My BFFs in Elementary were the same all throughout: 2 white 3 black girls. Its just the way it was. I didn’t ever see a difference…. It was Society that pointed it out! The other people who were obviously Judging, as we were just Living!?
    I always fought for the equality and acceptance of my friends, whatever the skin colour. I am a loyal long term friend without fail from the beginning; its just me. Once living in the midst of the difference in skin colours i had a chance to experience being an outcast, a minority, and DisRespected completely by Many, for the choices of friends I made with different skin colours of my own.
    Anyway, I could go on and on but, it frustrates me and I can see how difficult it must be to witness that type of jargon. Clearly, the solution is to ‘search the source’. ‘Remember who its coming from’, my mom would/will always say. If they’re ‘not worth it’–neither are their words to get upset over. However, clearly I recognize your frustration…it is very confusing hate/respect umm no.

    Lastly, I thought at this point in time of the human existence we’d seen past all this skin colour, race, ethnic background bullshit… If Only.
    I guess the fight continues for some. I only see people and have raised my children the SAME WAY. I expose them to MANY religions, colours, and beliefs!! Its the only way to change the future for them and to remove the delusional goggles of the forefathers passed…God Bless and so good to hear from you again!! Xox, JayNine


    • thank you for your opinion. this topic just never seems to get old and yet it is so ancient. my problem is the fact that people hide behind thing, like the famous yet stupid sentence and sometimes even asking; am I a racist? I mean seriously!?! all I want is for to be honest with one another and God help us not drag kids into this.

      JayNine, good to be back and so I’m glad to be with you on these streets.:) I’m proud of you for teaching your kids the right/good thing. keep well.



  2. Ah yes…this ancient issue is alive and well unfortunately. I totally agree with the impossibility of hating and respecting at the same time – bigotry apparently begets a severely lacking ability to grasp a common understanding of antonyms. 🙂 I also love the way you elaborated on our ‘ways’ not being able to cross over to different races. That was epic and your post was enlightening as usual and also made me laugh so thanks! ❤


  3. Hate is a ugly word period and it grieves my heart when it is used against a person or a group of people. I grew up in a racist home were hate was fed daily against Hispanics, homosexuals, African Americans, fat little girls. You get the picture anyone that didn’t fit his picture.

    What that has taught me is the only thing I hate is stupid people and they come in all colors.


  4. It is so ridiculous…this black/white/whatever, hate and prejudice! We are all human beings, and if you took off our skin we would all be the same – yuk! Extremely vulnerable and ugly! (hee hee).
    I think it’s not the color that tears people, but simply cultural differences…I have a Moroccan daughter (in law) and a Filipino daughter (in law) – some things about the cultures are different for all of us, but guess what? They are my daughters and I love them and they love me….we work together to have “understanding” of history and culture…we blend into one family!


    • Marsha I’m glad that you and your family are able to focus on one thing that matters the most – togetherness. Be it culture or colour, I don’t fully understand. Anyway its how some people choose to view the world and we can only but try to change their perspective.

      Thank you for the visit, much appreciated.


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