If Silence is Golden…

Sakhile WriteousSTP Shabalala

Sakhile WriteousSTP Shabalala

If silence is golden than King Midas must have touched it.
So silence the Blackman by putting the gold where his mouth is.

The first couple is homeless, I assume they stayed in one of the many houses.
New fresh family feeling astounded.
Melodius connections like Bra Hugh Masekela blowing his sax, or is it a trumpet?

They loved kids, so the honeymoon got them started, WAIT!
He parted ways wit his 3rd wife, five kids even angels thought Justin was to be his last kid.

Her tongue slithers around with a sound, ‘his’. While his tongue slithers with a sound hiss.
As we all know there’s a lot to tell with a sound like hiss…

If the devil is the snake then why have 10 snakes as housepets, if your man is 1, why have him as your husband?

Does western marriage promise one-nnes?
Are we blinded?
Yes…well Stevie Wonders.

And there is no gold in our Blackhands, it slips through our fingers during marriage and divorce.
Then they took ALLGOLD in exchange for your tomato sauce.

We get married and have divorce papers as backup.
That’s like having a packet of Choice condoms in your honeymoon, and guess what?
Men and Women are like remote controllers with bad batteries.
They continue to PLAY even if you press STOP.
It’s messed up, like someone spilling tea on you, right after you dressed up, smart, for your best part.

Modern marriage is no different to seeing a fish’s fins ontop of waters, it’s a Shark.
So the next time you cheat,
Don’t forget to put your dress love, and remind your man to pull his pants up, because things could end rough.
You could end up trying to get rid of spouse as quick as u do your dandruff.

So if marriage was a journey, guess what?
I might as well take da next BUS.

Sakhile da Poet


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