Twerking – Could it be a Dance Revolution?

Twerking in practice. courtesy of Google images.

Twerking in practice. courtesy of Google images.

You Tube is fair proof that twerking is here and causing more havoc than a mob justice.

When this dance phenomenon hit South African shores for the first time, it literally left many jaws dangling on the floor. The nation tore into two, with a good half indisbelief whilst the other fifty percent’s eyes indulged the sexy bum shaking motion with appreciation.   

South Africa is an African country where dance is fully appreciated, women with ‘assets’ are loved, the value of tradition and traditional values is not forgotten and it’s where media and modernity is still trying to find its place.

A considerable number of South Africans who value the integrity, respect and traditional upbringing they were brought up in find themselves electrified with shock, that a dance movement of such kinky element has publicly found a home in this country.

As if that shock isn’t paralyzing enough, South Africa is now home to the self acclaimed professional twerkers; the ‘Pro Twerkers‘. These ladies are blessed with a behind that will see you uttering in languages you don’t understand just by looking at it. I also heard that if you’re lucky to see them on stage, the amount of heat you’ll be releasing is enough to leave those around you thinking you’ve just stepped out of the roasting fire in ‘hell’. And apparently for your sake it is wise to have a leash handy just in case (which is likely to be more often than not) your imagination attempts running faster than a cheetah.  

These ladies bounce their above average butts high and low, with an enough sensual vigour to leave you wondering if their mama is where they really got it from. As for that dripping sweat on your face, well, you’ll need ten tons of empty gallons for it.

The Pro Twerkers give Mrs Carter’s booty hop a run for its money.

As you can imagine, these ladies have received both love and hate mail. Those who show them love are not only fond of their bodies but also appreciate the sight of the work these ladies do.

I’m not sure (as they never replied to my email) whether they’ve taken to twerking as a career or it’s just another one of those piece jobs one does on the side for an extra buck. One thing I’m certain of is that the ‘Pro Twerkers’ have traveled extensively and opened up for the controversial, multi-award winning now Yeezus (that’s Kanye West to you) when he performed in Johannesburg earlier this year.

It is absurd but I wish upon indulging on a listening class whereby an almost visually impaired, friendless, ugly glass wearing computer programming geek turned into boring lecturer explains to me the popularity of this sensual movement which is at the peak of its global widespread, making it the most popular move on the dance floors and one of the most talked about subjects on social media platforms.

I would gulp mostly the tiny extracts of this choreography’s origins as I still wonder whether it originated in Southern American clubs, Africa or New Orleans. I would prefer the longer theoretical version which I plan to do absolutely nothing about until the age of sixty where I will look intelligent and turn ‘cool’ in a split second to my grand-kids.

I will mention to my grand children who will sit, surrounding me as if enjoying a thrilling tale around a fire, that before I got introduced to twerking a seemingly non negligible amount of me desired to see what twerking was, for it hammered my twitter timeline in every update and made me feel under-informed.

At my convenience, or maybe belwiderness, my television set gladly introduced to me the mystery behind twerking.

To my jaw dropping surprise, twerking was a phenomenon which required the participator to bounce the butt and hips up and down in erotic motions, extremely suggestive manner causing jiggles and or a shake.

I stood motionless in front of a television set I looked into with eyes which seem to lose their sight. My throat immediately felt like a freshly poured glass of tap water. I knew that if I had asthma, I’d be suffocating.

Since that day I couldn’t help but notice the flooding of twerking home made videos on the internet. Ladies putting their twerking capabilities into practice almost daily like it’s a world competition entry requirement.   

I would explain to these kids, which I pray do not drive me to tears with insanity, that life is the mother of changefulness and its main characteristic is unpredictability, hence, one needs to be strategic in all aspects. More importantly, you can be able to live fruitfully as an individual if you have the guts to choose specifically what influences you as much as you should be able to categorically know what does not influence you.

Many say, like any other dance type, twerking is a certain form of expression for not only hip hop influenced individuals and those with a behind enough to send Nicki Minaj for an extra implant on her bum, but it’s an expression that can be freely explored by your average girl next door, even though the big butt acknowledging advised that when you have a big booty the experience is more appealing for their pleasure, of course.

As for me, with an average bum, and many other silenced reasons, I wouldn’t be caught even on a twerking inducing hip hop track trying to pull a twerk.  

With all that said and little done, I still wonder, could we be sitting arms folded in a freezing windy weather, sipping our hot chocolate whilst a dance phenomenon that we’re not fond of is being brewed? Can it mature its way into a fully accredited choreography or worse still a credit bearing subject at dance schools?  The thought of it drives away my desire to raise kids.

Do not misinterpret me, for my withheld perspectives; I do not like twerking, specifically for my generation. However, anyone else who chooses to engage in it is still my blood from the other father (God that is).


13 thoughts on “Twerking – Could it be a Dance Revolution?

  1. Love this post! Very amusing while at the same time speaking much knowledge. If I’m not mistaken, the twerking actually originated in Jamaica but the States have taken it to another level that in my opinion is not much to be admired as there are many YouTube vids that show very explicit versions of twerking accompanied by males which was quite shocking to be honest. I have since learned that there is twerking, and then there is twerking without abandon. What I have seen in some videos causes me to question the true meaning of ‘exploitation’ when many of the supposed ‘exploited’ are ready and willing to participate publicly with rank strangers (at very close proximity – in the most modest sense of the word) in order to be the ‘twerkiest’ of all in clubs on any given night. An example of what I’ve seen would be allowing the male to stand on the back of the twerker, dancing a jig, and later jumping or flipping off the back of twerker as if using a horse as a prop during a cowboy oriented featured stunt at a rodeo show. While I can actually accept twerking as the new wave of dance in a home-bound or urban sense, I truly hope that it does not end up on the list with ballet, tap, modern, etc. We should cherish our butts regardless of size, but there should still be limits for the right minds of the collective few during this era, however my comment may possibly be due to my grave inability to twerk properly…not because of the butt, BUT – my knees which are not willing to facilitate the up and down motion required for rhythmic shaking while performing accelerated squats in order to actually carry the name twerk. Some odd years ago, it was ‘perculating’, but now the fad has swelled up like a stye on one’s right eye and I simply cannot keep up although I would never attempt either feat in public…just for the hubby who consequently accepts the situation as it is. You can put a damper on twerking for men when they are required to help you off of the floor and immediately afterwards go through the process of applying sports cream, ice packs and wraps to the knees of said twerker. 🙂 Needless to say…my twerkability leaves much to be desired, so the hub will just have to acquire his eye pleasing guilty (not so much I think) pleasures via YouTube. If men twerked, I still am not sure if I would change my views…still pics are satisfactory. This post was awesome and made me laugh – thanks!


    • Oh My Word!!! you are killing me with laughter. I guess the origin of this twerking business goes far beyond. maybe its just an exotic cocktail 😉 a mixture of different dance forms from our histories in a mordenised version. tell those knees of yours to heal so that you can make a twerking video my eyes are keen to indulge…lol


  2. It always makes me happy when I can make someone laugh – thanks for understanding and maybe I will work on my knees for a surprise (mainly for myself simply to have made the accomplishment without injury) in the future, THANKS! 🙂


  3. Lol! Ya neh, I’m embarrased to say even today 27/092013 I haven’t seen this dance phenomen. But your article just painted a clear picture of what it looks like. I’m hoping gore I’ll get to see it one day or maybe I’ll check it out on you tube. Great writing dear. Keep it up.


  4. Thank You Lesego.

    I’m happy to have been of some help to you. honestly though, you’ve never seen twerkists doing their dang? strange, I must say.

    Thanks again


  5. Hi Devyn: First off, thanks much for following our blog!! 😉 Next, freaking loved this post more than I can say! Still laughing my a** off!! Okay, as for my opinion of twerking…oh the things I could say!! lol My first experience with it was like many when we seen “Sweet” Miley on stage with a foam-finger letting it all hang out. But the kicker, is- I didn’t know the name of it. I happened to catch part of it while working on our book. So when I seen it hit the networking sites we we’re on. (that is the word) I told my writing partner & daughter. “Twerking? Is this some way to get your name out there in the blogosphere? Is it like….trending?” So my 28 year old daughter looked at me strangely and said. “Yeah mom, you don’t want our name next to that word!!” So I shall ever laugh when I see the word Twerk and know that this mama was way off base!!! Great post girl, sharing now!!


    • lol you are amazing. I can just imagine, twerking for blog trafficking…I;m sorry but I can’t stop laughing at that.

      I’m happy that I’ve given you the best medicine; laughter. looking forward to sharing more moments with you.
      much love


    • Well now that you know what Twerking is Inion Mathair,,,,,,, Should we go night clubbing !!!!! 😀 Lmao !!!!!!!!


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