I Found Revolution in Tembisa

It started when I watched the television, eyes wide open, everything took a slow motion to the pause mode and my jaw was left gaping. Goose bumps filled my skin and shrills went down my spine. This was the classical condition of one in awe.


Tembisa Revolution doing what they do best

My body switched to the self-regulating state and I could do nothing but obey. I was literally like a vehicle and the gear changed from awe to speechless. Words could not leave my voice box even though I had many of them.

‘Ha’ finally came out. I was surprised, taken by talent to cloud nine, I really felt the presence of stars in my eyes and the smell of yellow roses in my nose. I was unknowingly smiling like a Cheshire cat to my television screen.

Tembisa Revolution showing you how Kasi pansula is done

Tembisa Revolution showing you how Kasi pansula is done

This was a revolution, and to my surprise, it was televised. I had not enough money, but I wanted to invest, to adeptness that my country has been craving for. I wanted these guys to transform other hearts better than they did mine. I wanted to grant them the aptitude to evoke love in everyone they met, for they could do it.

They were from Tembisa and revolution was their game. I’m not one for dancers or dance crews, however these guys changed my whole perspective. They evoked, nurtured and grew the love for authentic, raw South African talent in me.

I wanted the world to witness their phenomenal capabilities. The things they could do with their bodies. The love and passion they had for dancing. I respected them, for they had found their dominion and they did more than just dominate it, rather they serviced it with embrace and honor.

When I watched them, I somehow felt the need to repeat Thabo Mbeki’s words with more than just pride but with dignity instilled as well. So I stood, fist resting in my heart and my left hand portraying the Amandla sign and I said it with pride and dignity; I Am An African.

Tembisa Revolution jumping for joy moments after being named South Africa's best dance crew

Tembisa Revolution jumping for joy moments after being named South Africa’s best dance crew

This was Tembisa Revolution, a South African dance crew that brought love for the talent concealed (yet to be discovered) in this country come alive in my heart.  Young men of their age are unlikely to evoke such enamor to one’s heart in this country. And for that reason, I desired, even though they didn’t know me, growth and fruition in their future. I love their work; I wish nothing but the best for them.


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