A Dream

Dear Mr Always on My Mind.

I have been purely absorbed in dream land lately. You know, from time to time we do wish that things were more easier, less complicated and easily translated. However, sometimes we possess not the ability to directly give what is stored deep in our internal beings to the person that it’s due to.

In line to our inability for certain aspects, we sometimes miss the opportunities that we could have held, cherished and blossomed. This is the kind of truth which brings tears to one’s heart.

Maybe I did have a little fear about how you would respond if I told you the truth. Well sometimes I am just plain human and this entire supernatural gift is washed away and all that’s left is the true physical being which has the ability to be overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown. That is of course not a good cause but I not always have a choice.

Let’s cut this conversation before I fumble any further. Do me a favor; pay less attention to the shaky voice and the unsteady words that it brings to your ears. Forgive the tears, I do not know what they are doing, I guess maybe they could not help themselves. It is also not my fault because even though they are mine, it seems I have no control over them.

You see, this is a difficult dream; it brings tears gushing down my cheeks as I watch your hand sleeps through away from mine. All I need is you and your time, maybe that’s not possible with you so deeply immersed in your own dreams. My dreams are abandoned as I make way for yours, as you are always on my mind. I wish it pleased you think of me too, at least once in a while. I may not have witnessed such a feeling of being so interested in somebody else’s life, previously. I do know one thing; I can no longer contain this feeling all to myself. It is undeniable. I am in love with you. Grant me if not the rest of your life, just a moment with you.

Now that I have said it, pretty please, don’t give me the look of that weird remote man in movies. I don’t like it, because it has no substance. It does not give me anything to hold on too. If you do not reciprocally understand then I candidly comprehend.

That Lady, which you don’t look at THAT way at all.


2 thoughts on “A Dream

  1. wow wow wow, 2day i took 3 hours of my time reading yr staff tears rolled by yr talent in writing. I pray 4 sucess in what you doing. I comment so much since im rushng 2 read other topics of yr work.


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