Archive | February 2013

Created to Love

If you’re inlove, loved and the bearer of love, you are the greatest of human kind. You have found what bounds us all in unity. The gift we have all been given, the gift that encloses us and brings us closer to our heavenly creator. The amazing, undescribeable but joy bearing gift of love. I love love, because I know that one is only able to encounter and experience true happiness through meeting and sharing love. And I am certain that if you do not love anything or anyone you’re in the deepest pits of agony where void, darkness and sadness hovers timelessly. So I encourage you to have an intimate time with love whenever you can, nurture and appreciate the feeling so that it does not go away but grows in you each day instead.

Whether it is the love of the self or the other, take it upon you that those butterflies in your tummy, that undeniable everlasting smile never goes away. If it does, it might leave you with anger and the overwhelming self blame and hate endurance and no-one needs that. This is the month of love, give love because you have love. It has a dwelling place in each of your veins. Make use of it because you are given the ability to do so everyday you wake up and your soul and flesh are still in tacked.

In my world, everyone is a love bird because everyone is inlove with someone. As you’re dating and or married I hope that the thought of your eyes meeting your other half after some period of time apart, attaches a smile in your heart. Many may argue that you’re not a match made in heaven, so what? As long as you’re joyful with love on this very earth that God created us to be fruitful and reign in. For my ‘single’ (nobody is a single being) ladies and gentleman know that the one who is not perfect for anybody else but absolutely perfect for you is almost at your door step. In the meantime you could just be loving yourself until it overflows to your family and friends. Love is a beautiful soul you must never miss it for the world. You must love the idea of being created to love (1Corinthians chp 13 vs 1-13, 1John chp 3 vs 11 and 1John 4 vs 7) and it should be your daily duty to manufacture love.