The Journey

As an individual you have encountered different life times, drowned in multiple seas and survived diverse deaths.
All credit is somewhat due to the journey of seeking and finding.
I know you’ve walked multiple path. Shook different hands, in and out of your life. Somehow the journey is visible in your eyes and smile, to those who take time out of their journey and embrace You.
However, to some maybe those you hold dear to, the truth is not always visible. At certain encounters through their eyes, you remain a creature thats enclosed in a sealed box if not, an empty lifeless shell.
You’ve cried waterfalls of tears. Smiled with a smile that inflicted your heart with pins of throbbing pain. And sometimes you’ve smiled that deeply rooted smile which makes your heart skip a beat.
People close to you, will sometime never know you. And for that reason, many find refuge outside their homes because that is not where their abundant happiness is stored.


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