To God

Dear God

I heard a prayer of an empty black soul yesterday;

“Maybe it’s not your fault and maybe it’s not the fault

Of my previous generations

But my lack of certain and sometimes

Important resources has made me

A slave to those who sometimes have

What I truly need.

Lack of resources has made me

A greedy and angry soul.

I try too hard to tell myself

That tomorrow will be better

But I always break-down inside

When I come into contact with tomorrow

And it is worse than yesterday.

Call me fussy but I always need the

Answers on time but

I never get them_atleast not on time.

I do not want to be an angry young

Black soul but it always reaches that point

When I see other angry, greedy young black souls.

I ask myself all the time; will tomorrow ever

Be better?

What if I die in this condition, will I ever find peace,

Maybe I do not owe it to you,

But I know I owe it to those who have

Helped nurse the infant I was to what I am now.

If I don’t get to be what I would like to be

May you please at least grant my future

Young black beings that wish of being

What they want to be”.

He was praying, and I know you heard him

Please grant him, his wishes and let him

Hold on to faith and never stop believing.



Me 🙂


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