A Time for Everything

There will come a time in your life when you’ll question everything. A time where you’ll question your situation, your circumstance ( why you, why not somebody next door, why now, what are you going to do, who can you call), your parents (why don’t they understand, why can’t they never have what you need, will they ever live the life they dream’t of), your mind (is it working or not), your dreams (will they ever leave dreamland and come to life), your goals (if such small goals take eternity to achieve then what is there of your dreams).

And sometime you’ll question your existence – you’ll be in deep thought wondering if you were really meant to be alive, and if you were then why is there nothing right in your life. When you’re in this phase, you’re very understanding – you understand the meaning of giving up and why people gave up. But the question you ask yourself all the time when at this stage – is the same question that you avoid asking; does God really exists? Is He really there? If he does exists then why is He doing nothing about my situation? Can’t He see that my ship is sinking? Can’t He see that my family is drowning to death?

There is a time for everything and sometimes you ask yourself questions and sometimes, well sometimes you don’t really care much, sometimes you have so much faith in you and you can see that you will go where you want to be because everything you touch is turning into gold. You deeply understand the existence of your situation, circumstance, parents, family, mind, dreams, goals and most importantly, you understand the purpose of your existence like no other.

There’s a time for everything, like this time whereby you know that God is there and you are who you are because of Him. This is what I call the Upper level of life – where everything is going up and is in your favour. The smile is irremovable from your face because everything is blooming, your life is in its spring – everything is bright.

Because there is a time for everything, a time comes whereby you don’t have the slightest clue as to what a person is talking about – this could be it! You may have never experienced what I was talking about, that is fine BUT may I tell you something; I’ve encountered everything you’ve just read!


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